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We all love a beautiful, lush green lawn, but if you’ve ever had to maintain one you know keeping it that way takes dedication and hard work. Mowing, fertilizing, watering, and weeding are endless, and let’s not get into issues like lawn diseases, dry seasons, soil health, and more.

It’s no wonder artificial grass is increasingly popular among Southern California homeowners. High-quality artificial turf is a close replica of lush natural grasses, and might just be your best bet in achieving that beautiful backyard space you’ve always dreamed of. What’s more, its positives extend beyond just increasing curb appeal.
Trying to choose between artificial grass vs real grass for your lawn? These benefits of artificial turf make it an easy choice.

1. Simple, Quick Installation

Planting a lawn is an intensive process of numerous steps and, depending on the size of the property, may require many hands. On top of that, it takes months for the grass to grow into a lush lawn—which is not always guaranteed! You may have to replant some areas or uproot the turf altogether if it is poor quality.

If that sounds like a trial-and-error nightmare of wasted time, money, and exertion, it’s a big consideration when choosing between artificial grass vs real grass. The alternative, artificial grass, gives you an “instant” lawn that looks and feels like the real thing in just a matter of days. Plus, professional installation is quick and easy.

Not having to start from scratch also makes artificial turf a great solution for homeowners who have just moved into a new house or real estate companies staging their properties for potential buyers.

2. Easy Maintenance

In the argument for ​​artificial grass over real grass, this is probably the most touted. With good reason, compared to real grass, which requires regular watering, weeding, fertilization, mowing, and more, artificial turf is practically maintenance-free.

It’s easy to keep an artificial lawn looking its best: a simple sweep or leaf blower is enough to remove leaves and debris on the surface or trapped within, while a quick rinse cleans off dirt and mud. You won’t need an army of tools and supplies, so there’s the added artificial turf benefit of saved space in your garage or garden shed.
Some types of artificial turf come with special infills that kill bacteria, mold, and fungus, keeping the grass germ and odor-free. In a city of dog lovers, this type of artificial turf is a lifesaver for both homeowners and pet-friendly establishments.


3. Helps With Water Conservation

Los Angeles is a drought-prone area growing hotter and drier because of climate change. Currently, the region is in a drought that has lasted since 2019, prompting the County of Los Angeles to issue mandatory water usage restrictions. Among them, outdoor and lawn watering has been limited to two days a week for no longer than 10 minutes.

Hollywood sign on dry landscape 

Even without water rations, keeping a lawn green year-round is increasingly impractical as water supplies dwindle. Landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly one-third of all residential water use in the U.S., and this distribution can go up to as high as 60 percent in drier regions.

The water conservation benefit of artificial turf offers a much-needed solution in this dry period. In fact, the difference between artificial grass vs real grass water usage can add up to a whopping 9,000 gallons annually.

4. Saves You Money

The low maintenance benefits of artificial turf also translate to less money spent on weekly lawn-mowing, regular fertilizing, seeding, and other ongoing upkeep demands of natural lawns. Not to mention considerably-reduced water bills at the end of the month. In a city where housing and area costs are constantly on the rise, we’ll take any savings where we can get them!

True, installing artificial turf requires a significant initial investment, but a quick break-even analysis of artificial grass vs real grass will determine that the former saves you money in the long run. And because high-quality artificial lawns can keep their shape and color for decades, that’s a really long run.

US Family Turf’s artificial grass comes with a 25-year product warranty, proving its durability even under heavy usage.

5. Allergy Abatement


Artificial Grass in Los Angeles

The Mediterranean climate of Los Angeles allows for long blooming periods, meaning allergy season starts as early as spring and extends into late summertime. It’s usually a miserable time for allergy sufferers, who have to deal with irritation and pain while everyone else enjoys the weather.

Along with flower and tree pollen, grass is one of the most common culprits of seasonal allergies. It can also affect your pets. If you suffer from allergies in the summertime or year-round, you might want to switch to artificial grass from real grass.
An artificial lawn reduces the allergens in your backyard and indoors, leaving you free to enjoy those summer barbecues and other lawn activities year-round.


6. It’s Good for the Environment

Contrary to old belief, covering your lawn with artificial grass instead of real grass is good for the environment for many reasons:

  • As mentioned above, it saves a staggering amount of water in irrigation.
  • It eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers, toxic chemicals which make their way into our water bodies.
  • Artificial turf is made from recyclable materials that are free from harmful products.
  • It reduces the use of small engines like gas-powered lawn mowers, which have been shown to produce high levels of ozone gases like carbon monoxide.

Considering these artificial turf benefits span decades, it’s safe to say fake lawns create a greener world both literally and figuratively!

Make the Switch Today

If you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of artificial grass vs real grass, we’d say the above points make a great case for ditching the real thing. Artificial turf is a versatile option for any landscape, so your Southern California backyard will look great no matter the season.

Want to switch to artificial grass from real grass? Look no further than US Family Turf for the best installation in Los Angeles.

We specialize in creating durable and beautiful lawns, with the expertise to create the yard of your dreams. Reach out and schedule a free estimate today!

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