Artificial Grass FAQ - US Family Turf's Expert Answers

US Family Turf FAQ

What is Microban Technology?

We use cutting-edge Microban technology to protect against bacterial growth. Microban technology attacks unwanted microbes on a molecular level, stunting the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria. It also helps to eliminate unwanted odors and keeps your turf fresh and clean.

Is Your Turf Safe for Pets and Children?

Yes, our turf is perfectly safe for pets and children. It’s customized to feel like natural grass, meaning it’s soft to the touch and will cushion slips and falls for kids playing outdoors. Our grass also features a special, K-9-friendly infill that keeps pet odors under control.

Does Your Turf Stay Cool in the Summertime?

Yes, our artificial turf is specially designed to stay cool in the summertime. We use a special cooling technology that slows down how fast the turf heats up with an infill that holds 100% of its size in water. This keeps the turf cool as the water evaporates. Each stand also features a UV-inhibitor that protects against the sun and keeps the turf looking healthy and natural.

How Long Does Your Turf Last?

With proper care, our artificial turf can last decades or more. It comes with a 25-year product warranty and a 3-year warranty on labor.

Where Can I Use Your Turf?

You can use it to replace the grass for a lush yard without all the added maintenance. You can transform your deck or balcony with turf accents, and you can even install a custom putting green to work on your short play. When it comes to our artificial turf, there are no limits.

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