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Quality Artificial Turf for Dogs and Other Animals

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At US Family Turf, we make artificial turf for the entire family, including your furry friends. We understand pets are more than animals, they are family. That’s why we made sure our artificial turf is great for dogs and other animals. It is made to stand up to animal activity and eliminate foul odors.

Special K-9 Infills

Our turf features special infills that keep unwanted pet odors at bay. It’s also designed to look and feel like natural grass so it won’t irritate or confuse your pet. Our pet-friendly artificial turf utilizes special Microban technology that eliminates bacteria, mold, and fungus growth, so canine companions always have a sanitary area.

Artificial Turf for Dogs

Stays Cool to the Touch

Our artificial turf also features unique cooling properties that prevent it from heating up too quickly. The turf is made with special infills that hold 100% of its size in water, cooling the turf when it evaporates. This feature is crucial for dogs looking for a cool place to roll around on a hot summer day. Our artificial turf has pet-friendly features that make it ideal for creating a manageable area for your dogs to live and play.

Extended Warranty

At US Family Turf, your services extend far beyond installation. We offer a 3-year labor and 25-year product warranty, so if you experience any problems with your turf, we are happy to come out and diagnose the issue. We provide additional support to ensure the job is handled according to your satisfaction.

At US Family Turf, we are dedicated to helping pet owners in the Los Angeles area discover the fantastic benefits our artificial turf provides for your dog. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.