The Garden Project at Dolores Huerta Elementary! - US Family Turf

In a community collaboration Us Family Turf paired up with Vita Coco, and Ray By Crime By Design to rejuvenate Dolores Huerta Elementary school’s garden area in Lennox, California. We teamed up in a partnership that blends sustainability, creative design, and community spirit to revitalize the garden area to create a functional outdoor space for the students. The goal of this collaboration was to develop a lively, environmentally responsible area where the students and teachers can engage in learning, play, and have the opportunity to spend more time outdoors.

Background on Dolores Huerta Elementary 

Nestled in the close-knit community of Lennox, Dolores Huerta Elementary School has long been a hub of education and growth for local students. However, its outdoor spaces were in need of rejuvenation. The garden area was nonfunctional and not a usable space for the students. The area was primarily dirt with broken garden beds and not many options to sit.  

The Power of the Community and Volunteers

The coconut water brand, Vita Coco, known for its eco-friendly practices, not only shares its delicious beverages but also its passion for a greener planet.

The collaborative effort aims to create a garden that serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, it will be an educational space where students can learn about the environment, plant life, and sustainable practices. The newly restored garden beds will give the students the opportunity to learn about how to grow fruits and vegetables. 

The garden Project provided a much needed recreational area for the students. As our part, US Family Turf, added playground turf for an area for the students to safely play and enjoy the sunshine. We installed a durable and low maintenance playground turf. Our crews completely transformed the garden by installing the turfed area, adding decomposed granite for the garden bed areas, and repainted the seating area for the students.

This amazing transformation would not have been possible without all the volunteers and donors to The Garden Project at Dolores Huerta Elementary. Thank you Vita Coco, Ray By Crime by Design, Jason of Beverly Hills, Zuma Construction, The Audio Salon, Chris Borgo, The Staff at Dolores Huerta Elementary.