The Cost of Artificial Turf: Budgeting and Financing Options. - US Family Turf

For homeowners looking for a year-round, low-maintenance lawn, artificial turf is growing in popularity. The cost of installing artificial turf stuns many homeowners. In this blog we examine the artificial turf cost elements, break down installation expenses, and go over budgeting and financing methods that may help you afford artificial grass more easily.

Benefits of Artificial Turf: 

Let’s first discuss the advantages of installing artificial turf before we discuss the price. Its ability to conserve water is one of its greatest benefits. Natural grass needs a lot of water to keep healthy, particularly in locations that are prone to drought or that are dry. Contrarily, artificial turf doesn’t need to be watered, which might help you save a lot of money on your water bill. Artificial turf doesn’t require fertilization or mowing, which can save maintenance expenses and save you time. Last but not least, artificial turf enhances the aesthetics and monetary value of your property year-round.

Division of Installation Costs: 

Let’s now divide the price of installing artificial turf. The price of the raw material itself is the first consideration; it can range from $1 to $5.5 per square foot, depending on the kind and quality of turf you select. The price of infill is another factor; it normally ranges from $.30 to $2.5 per foot. Another cost component is the base, which can cost anywhere between $0.50 and $1.5 per square foot. The most expensive component, labor, can cost anywhere between $3 and $5 per square foot. The disposal fee, which is often a few hundred dollars, is the last expense. Some other cost that may be implemented is a difficult access fee.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Artificial Turf: 

The price of installing artificial turf can vary depending on a number of factors. The type of turf you select can affect the price, to start. Costlier than cheaper turf is turf with longer blades and more realistic textures. Another consideration is the size of the region to be covered. Obviously, larger areas will cost more than smaller ones. The installation’s intricacy might also have an impact on price. The price of installation may also go up if there are any holes that need to be filled, there is restricted access to the location, or specialized equipment is required.

What is the average price per square foot of artificial turf, then? Artificial turf costs between $5 and $20 per square foot, on average around $13.5 per square foot, according to statistics from Google. This price covers the cost of the finished goods as well as the price of installation.

Setting a budget for artificial turf:

Budgeting for artificial turf is crucial given its high price. Creating a goal and a savings plan is one piece of advice. This will enable you to accumulate savings over time and lower the cost. Another approach is to spread out the payment for the installation over time and divide the cost into reasonable portions.

Homeowners wishing to reduce their water bills and maintenance expenses while also increasing the aesthetic of their lawn may find artificial turf to be a smart investment. The size, type, and complexity of the installation, as well as other considerations, can all have a significant impact on the price of installing artificial turf. Research, budgeting, and financing choices should all be taken into account in order to make the best decision possible about artificial turf. The upfront cost can be made more affordable for homeowners by using financing options like loans or financing through the installation firm. Homeowners can save money by setting goals and developing savings plans. It’s crucial to perform your due diligence before selecting an artificial turf installer by checking references, examining examples of their work, and confirming their licenses and certifications.