Artificial Grass After Care & Maintenance - US Family Turf

Regular Brushing: Brush the artificial grass frequently with a push brush. This will keep the grass fibers looking plush all year round. This also removes matting, indents or impressions in the turf. For best brushing techniques pull the brush in a backward motion. Refrain from pushing the brush forward.

Debris Removal: Clean up any pet waste, twigs, or other debris from the artificial grass’s surface. To keep the area tidy, use a leaf blower for the best result. Avoid using a rake on your installed artificial grass. A rake may cause damage to the turf.

Rinse & Wash: To get rid of dirt and dust, hose down the artificial grass every 2-3 week with water.

Quickly deal with pet waste: Pick up solid pet waste and water the area to prevent urine odors. To get rid of any urine odors that are lingering, you can use a pet deodorizer, such as URI-CIDE. URI-CIDE is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe around kids and pets. Use once every 2-4 weeks to remove extra pet odors.

Prevent the growth of weeds: Artificial grass acts as a strong barrier to weed growth, although occasionally some weed seeds may make their way to the surface specifically on the edges. Check the grass frequently, and get rid of any weeds that are readily apparent. You can use a weed killer like Roundup. When using any type of weed killer carefully follow the instructions.

Limit your exposure to extreme heat: While artificial grass is made to tolerate high temperatures, too much heat from fire pits or hot grills may harm the fibers. To prevent melting or burning, exercise caution and keep such heat sources far from the grass. Be sure to check for signs of sun reflection damage. If any is apparent make sure to contact a window reflection treatment company immediately to reduce further damage.

Check & Fix: Regularly check the artificial grass for any signs of wear or damage. Make repairs if you see any tears, frayed seams, or other problems by getting in touch with the installer or a specialist. The lifespan of your artificial grass can be increased with prompt repairs and maintenance.