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US Family Turf Offers the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

dog playing on artificial grass

If you’re searching for pet-friendly artificial grass, look no further than US Family Turf! We’re your #1 trusted seller and installer of premium, odor-resistant artificial turf throughout the Los Angeles area. So how is our product the best artificial grass for dogs? We offer three important distinctions:

It is formulated with Mircoban to stop the growth of microbes and protect your outside area from unpleasant odors.

Our customized pet-friendly artificial grass looks and feels like natural grass to your pet and YOU!

Manufactured using advanced cooling technology that slows down how fast it heats up to protect paws (and feet) from feeling uncomfortable.

Contact us today for a free consultation and price quote (which always includes installation). We’re confident your furry friend will give us a “two paws up” review!

At US Family Turf, We Personally Guarantee Our Product

We’re confident that you and your pets will be 100% satisfied with our artificial turf. That’s why our services extend past installation. We provide support to ensure our work is done according to your standards. Why are we the best artificial grass for dogs, cats, and your family?

  • US Family Turf provides a 3-year labor warranty at no extra cost
  • Our artificial grass comes with a 25-year product warranty
  • Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean up after my pet “does their business” in the yard?
Simply “scoop the poop” as you normally would and throw it away. Then, give the area a quick rinse with a hose or water bucket once a week. Unlike traditional grass, your pet’s bathroom breaks won’t discolor or kill this green grass!
Is artificial grass pet and kid-friendly?
At US Family Turf, we love pets and kids and would never make or sell any product with harmful chemicals or lead. Everyone in the family will love the soft, plush, and durable artificial grass feel.

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