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The Safest Antimicrobial Turf for Your Family

A lounge chair on antimicrobial turf overlooking the ocean.

If you’re searching for antimicrobial artificial grass, look no further than US Family Turf! We’re the #1 trusted seller and installer of odor-resistant antimicrobial turf infill throughout the Los Angeles area. So how is our product the safest antimicrobial turf for your family? We offer three important distinctions:


Manufactured with Mircoban, our turf stops microbes before they can create unpleasant odors and unhealthy germs! The result is a fresh and clean yard year-round.

antimicrobial artificial grass

Our specially formulated antimicrobial artificial grass is tough on germs but looks and feels like the real thing! You’ll love walking on it every day.

cooling technology
This turf is designed to stay cool in the California sun. Our specialized cooling technology helps keep your feet (and your pet’s paws) from feeling uncomfortably hot.

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At US Family Turf, We Always Guarantee Our Product and Work

We’re confident you and your family will love our antimicrobial artificial grass. When you become a customer, we ensure our work meets and exceeds your standards. Why is US Family Turf considered the premier seller and installer of antimicrobial turf infill in Los Angeles?

  • We always provide a no-extra-cost 3-year labor warranty
  • We also provide a 25-year product warranty
  • Our product is made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

I have pets. Does antimicrobial turf stop odors and discoloration?
Absolutely! When your pet goes outside to “do their business,” scoop the waste or give the area a quick rinse with the hose or watering can. The Microban will stop any odors or discoloration from occurring.
Is antimicrobial turf safe for my kids to play on?
US Family Turf is a small, family-run business. Like you, we love our kids and pets and never want them exposed to products with lead or other harmful chemicals. Everyone in our family loves the soft, plush, and durable artificial grass feel, and yours will too!