Permanent Weed Barrier for Artificial Grass | US Family Turf

The Most Effective Permanent Weed Barrier for Your Yard

A house with a beautiful yard featuring artificial grass with a permanent weed barrier.

If you’re searching for high-quality, artificial grass with a built-in weed barrier, look no further than US Family Turf! We’re Los Angeles’ top-rated seller and installer of synthetic turf. Our turf stops invasive plants before they ruin your landscaping. So how is our product the most effective permanent weed barrier for your yard? There are three important distinctions:

Manufactured with polypropylene and polyethylene, our artificial grass weed barrier means more time enjoying your yard and less time keeping it beautiful!
Our specially formulated artificial grass eliminates bad odors and germs but  looks and feels like the real thing! Your entire family will love it.
This turf features a unique “bounce-back” design, meaning your lawn will return to a perfect, upright position.

Did you know our prices always include installation? It’s true! Contact us today for a consultation and quote.

Our Product and Work are Guaranteed

If you’re tired of weeding and ugly bald patches of dirt in your yard, US Family Turf’s permanent weed barrier is for you. If you’re wondering how we became the leading seller and installer of polyurethane weed barriers in Los Angeles, there are three reasons:

  • Our 3-year labor warranty
  • Our no-fee 25-year product warranty
  • Made with pride in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a permanent weed barrier mean I can’t plant flowers or shrubs?

When we install your artificial grass, you can decide what landscaping you want to keep. So let us know if you have a flower bed, decorative shrubs, or places where you want natural grass or plants to remain.

Is your artificial grass weed barrier safe for my kids or pets to play on?
US Family Turf is a family business, and we love our kids and pets. Our artificial grass does not contain lead or hazardous chemicals.