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Happy Feet Love Cooling Artificial Grass

A woman and dog play on artificial grass.

Living in Los Angeles means sunny skies and warm temperatures all year long, but the heat can destroy your yard and your feet! US Family Turf offers an environmentally friendly alternative: cooling artificial grass. No more need to water and fertilize your lawn, and no more hot and uncomfortable feet. Your family and your pets will love it for three important reasons:

Artificial Turf Cool System

Manufactured with a unique cooling infill for artificial grass, your bare feet (and paws) feel comfortable and happy.

Antimicrobial Protection

Our artificial grass uses Microban, which safely eliminates bad odors and germs but looks and feels like the real thing!

Low Bounce Rate

This turf has a special “bounce-back” design, meaning your lawn always looks perfect without any matting or bald spots.

Our price quote always includes installation! We stand by our product and how it is installed on your property! Contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Product and Work are Guaranteed

If you want to enjoy the feel of grass without burning your feet or injuring your pet’s paws, US Family Turf’s cooling infill for artificial grass is for you. We’re the best in Los Angeles for three crucial reasons:

  • A no-extra-cost 3-year labor warranty
  • A product warranty of 25 years at no extra cost
  • Manufactured in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

My yard gets full sun. Will that damage the artificial turf?
When we install your cooling artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about the sun heating the turf or causing it to fade. It’ll always look as fresh and green as the day it was installed!
Will the artificial turf be safe for kids and pets to play on?
At US Family Turf, we love our kids and pets. Our artificial grass does not contain lead or hazardous chemicals and stays cool even in the sun. Perfect for going outside to play at any time of the day!