Artificial Grass Infill Bounces-Back! | US Family Turf

Get the Perfect Lawn with Artificial Grass Infill

Playground and basketball hoop on synthetic grass

Your lawn gets lots of wear and tear if you have kids or pets. So if you’re tired of unappealing bald spots or places where grass refuses to grow, US Family Turf offers a safe, environmentally friendly option: bounce-back artificial grass. Our artificial grass infill means your yard will always look fresh and clean. Here’s why you and your family will love it:

We use a special “bounce-back” artificial grass design, so kids and pets can play all day without matting.
Our turf is made with Microban, which safely knocks out germs and odors but looks and feels like the real thing!
This artificial turf has a cooling infill that keeps the surface from getting hot after hours in the sun.

Did you know our price always includes installation? We are committed to our product and what to make sure you’re happy with how it looks and feels! Contact us today for a free quote.

We Guarantee Our Product and Work

US Family Turf is highly regarded in Los Angeles for three important reasons:

  • Exceptional customer services and professionalism during and after the job is done
  • Our 25-year product warranty is no extra cost
  • Manufactured in the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Does artificial grass infill need to be installed throughout my entire yard?
When you work with US Family Turf, you get to decide where you’d like the artificial grass to go. You can turf your entire yard or just the areas where kids and pets play. The choice is yours!
Will watering my flowers and shrubs damage the turf?
Not at all! Artificial turf will not be impacted by caring for your landscaping. During your consultation, let us know what pre-existing landscaping you’d like us to incorporate into our design plan.